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Nat Sherman

Nat Sherman Black & Gold

Nat Sherman Black & Gold cigarettes are encased in rich black paper with a uniquely sophisticated gold leaf filter. The filter's quality charcoal ensures that each pull of this cigarette delivers a smooth, rich taste. The outer packaging is a jewelry-like case that opens to reveal the most el... Read More

Nat Sherman MCD

For over 40 years, Nat Sherman MCD cigarettes have been a staple in high-quality, all-natural cigarettes. The most popular cigarettes in the Nat Sherman line, these impeccably made cigarettes have set the bar high for how an all-natural smoke should look and taste. The full flavored taste of thes... Read More

Nat Sherman Naturals Original

Nat Sherman Naturals Original cigarettes offer the discriminating smoker an experience that is hard to put into words. From the 100% pure tobacco with no additives, to the sweetened paper casing, this cigarette exceeds expectations. Smoking this blend of natural tobacco is a treat. Strong, sweet ... Read More

Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol

Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol is the premiere choice in cigarette when you are looking for that cool fresh taste of mint. Made with 100% all natural tobacco that's free from additives, this is a delicious smoke with nothing to hide. You will appreciate the luxurious flavor from the first puff you ... Read More

Nat Sherman Naturals Blue

Nat Sherman Naturals Blue cigarettes are a 100% additive-free and made from only the finest tobacco. Complete with an amazing aroma that fills the air each time you light up, Nat Sherman Naturals Blue is an exceptional cigarette for those with truly discerning taste. Made with a sweetened paper c... Read More

Nat Sherman Classic

Nat Sherman Classic cigarettes come in a handsome brown package with the brand name proudly in view. The luxury value of these cigarettes can be identified from the packaging alone. Sold in an elegant wide case, these cigarettes are a treat for those who take the time to enjoy the full taste of a... Read More

Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

Nat Sherman Classic Menthol is a luxury cigarette with a heady aroma and sweet taste. 100% additive free and made from only high quality tobacco, every aspect of this cigarette is nothing short of luxurious. The attractive deep green package tells others of your discriminating choice in quality s... Read More

Nat Sherman Classic Blue

Nat Sherman Classic Blue cigarettes are the essence of luxury. Finely crafted with a sweetened casing and a cork filter, these light cigarettes give a wonderfully smooth smoking experience. You know you've found the premiere choice in a fresh and delicious cigarette with this wonderful blend of a... Read More