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Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol

Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol is the premiere choice in cigarette when you are looking for that cool fresh taste of mint. Made with 100% all natural tobacco that's free from additives, this is a delicious smoke with nothing to hide. You will appreciate the luxurious flavor from the first puff you take.

The beautiful green package contains twenty cigarettes, each one with a long lasting, slow even burn. The paper casing is even sweetened, lending an extra refreshing zing to each puff of this premium cigarette. The aroma of a Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol sends you off into a dream world of prestige and sophistication, a world of which you are now part of. You can anticipate the sweet, smooth taste as you inhale. Your friends will know your choice in smoking has no comparison and will follow your lead in picking only the best cigarette around.

Each carton contains 5 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 100 cigarettes

Nat Sherman Naturals Menthol (US-made)

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