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Nat Sherman Classic Menthol

Nat Sherman Classic Menthol is a luxury cigarette with a heady aroma and sweet taste. 100% additive free and made from only high quality tobacco, every aspect of this cigarette is nothing short of luxurious. The attractive deep green package tells others of your discriminating choice in quality smokes. With so much pleasure drawn from each cigarette, once you try this delicious cigarette, you're sure to be loyal to the Nat Sherman brand. Twenty cigarettes to a pack, give you twenty opportunities to experience the premium flavor of cool mint in a Nat Sherman Classic Menthol.

The charcoal filter in each Nat Sherman Classic Menthol cigarette gives you the added confidence that you have a truly quality smoke. Strong yet amazingly delicious, this cigarette will satisfy your every smoking desire. A thrilling anticipation awaits you the moment before you light a Nat Sherman Classic Menthol. Long lasting with a slow even burn, this cigarette is the perfect specimen of what other smokes strive to be.

Each carton contains 5 packs of 20 cigarettes
1 carton contains 100 cigarettes

Nat Sherman Classic Menthol (US-made)

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