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Kent Nanotek Neo

Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes boast a smooth, natural taste, without the chemical undertones of many cigarettes. The Kent filter removes more tar and nicotine than any other brand, meaning more protection at an incredibly competitive price. The natural taste is paired with an aromatic and pleasant ... Read More

Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack

Kent Deluxe 100's Soft Pack carries on the fine tradition of quality that the brand has become famous for. The popularity of the Kent brand can be largely traced back to the company being one of the first cigarette manufacturers to introduce a filter to their products. With the addition of the fi... Read More

Kent Blue 100's

Created in 1952, Kent cigarettes were the first brand to start using a filter to significantly reduce the amount of tar and nicotine that smokers were exposed to. Since that time Kent has focused on making products like Kent Blue Futura 100's safer, focusing on using less chemicals and additives.... Read More

Kent White Infina

Designed for the customer that enjoys a light cigarette, Kent White Infina has a clean, milky taste that is never harsh. With the finest blend of tobacco and just 1mg of tar and 0.1mg of nicotine, this light cigarette has a classic flavor that never gives way to a chemical aftertaste. Like the re... Read More

Kent Silver Neo 100's

Kent Silver Neo 100's are perfect for the smoker who's looking for a light cigarette with a bite. A classic light cigarette with a smooth reliable flavor, each cigarette has a light but moderate 0.3mg of nicotine. Kent Silver Neo 100's have the brand staple of including a charcoal filter in an ef... Read More


Kent cigarettes are a great choice for those looking for a strong flavorful cigarette. Their great taste is preserved by a specially designed charcoal filter to minimize the inhalation of impurities without compromising the flavor and aroma of the cigarettes. Already a popular choice for many Ame... Read More

Kent Blue Futura

Kent Blue Futura cigarettes are a premium light smoke that carries on the illustrious tradition of this much loved brand. Since its introduction to the market in 1952, Kent have been regarded as the cigarette to turn to when you want less tar and nicotine in delightfully flavorful smoke. Kent was... Read More

Kent HD Infina

Kent HD Infina cigarettes are the ideal choice for smokers in search of a cigarette that is low in nicotine but still delivers a smooth, delicious tobacco taste. Containing 1mg of tar and 0.1mg of nicotine, this mild cigarette is a good choice for novice smokers or the cigarette connoisseur in se... Read More