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Glamour Pink Superslims

Glamour Pink Superslims are designed with the ladies in mind. Slim and elegant in every sense of the word, these marvelous cigarettes have a rich flavor and stylish design that will make you proud to own them. Each long slim stick has an even burn that allows for long-lasting smoking enjoyment. T... Read More

Glamour Amber Superslims

Glamour Amber Superslims are the light cigarettes that represent your unique style and flair. Glamour Amber Superslims have a unique and sensual feel when you light up. Made with a perfect tobacco blend, these light cigarettes contain only 0.2mg of nicotine each, so you can feel comfortable makin... Read More

Glamour Lilac Superslims

Glamour Lilac Superslims are a medium strength cigarette with striking flavor and an amazingly smooth delivery. Designed with women in mind, the flip-top box comes adorned with a beautiful lilac design that reflects the delightful aroma of the cigarettes inside. These cigarettes are complete with... Read More

Glamour Menthol Superslims

Glamour Menthol Superslims have a cool minty taste that is fresh and enlivening. Sold in a beautifully designed slim flip-top box, each slim and elegant cigarette is designed for the woman who wants her cigarette to be as stylish as she is. The taste of Glamour Menthol Superslims is extraordinary... Read More

Glamour Blossom Aroma Superslims

Glamour Blossom Aroma Superslims cigarettes are a tribute to the femininity of the fairer sex. These light cigarettes contain only 0.3mg of nicotine, and provide amazing smoking pleasure. The packaged of these cigarettes is designed with a beautiful flower image on each box. A testament to the gr... Read More