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Davidoff Blue

Davidoff Blue cigarettes are a light offering from this luxury tobacco brand. A clean, mild cigarette that's high on flavor yet low on nicotine content, these cigarettes are a dream come true for those searching for a perfectly blended mild smoke. A light cigarette with flavor to savor from first... Read More

Davidoff Gold

Davidoff Gold is a light cigarette with a premium tobacco taste. With 0.6 mg of nicotine in each cigarette, this medium-light blend has a strong yet subtle taste that's rare to find in a light cigarette. This king-sized cigarette has a long filter that ensures that the only thing you breathe in i... Read More

Davidoff Gold Slims

Davidoff Gold Slims are the type of stylish and sophisticatedly designed cigarettes that you would only expect from the Davidoff name. Made with a premium blend of quality tobacco, this mild yet flavorful blend has a smooth, mellow taste you're sure to love. Containing 0.6mg of nicotine and 7mg o... Read More

Davidoff Magnum

Davidoff Magnum is truly a luxury cigarette that is made by a brand whose very name is associated with excellence, class and good taste. These are guaranteed to be unlike any cigarette you've smoked before. Made with carefully selected Virginia tobacco, each inhale of Davidoff Magnum will send yo... Read More

Davidoff Menthol

Davidoff Menthol cigarette smokers are treated to a fresh and minty taste with the same quality tobacco that this luxury brand is known for. Made with carefully selected tobacco that's been blended to perfection, these cigarettes have the added benefit of a cool menthol taste, making them in one ... Read More

Davidoff Gold Slims 100's

Davidoff Gold Slims 100's allow you to enjoy the quality taste of premium tobacco in a sleek and slim light cigarette. Each slim 100mm stick is packed with a carefully selected blend of tobacco that's worthy of the Davidoff name. With 0.6mg of nicotine in each cigarette, these mild smokes have a ... Read More

Davidoff Classic Slims

Davidoff Classic Slims is an ideal choice when you're looking for a cigarette with a touch of class. With a rich strong flavor, 0.8 milligrams of nicotine and 10 milligrams of tar, you get the satisfying smoking experience that you have longed for. Create an air of prestige and style when you pul... Read More

Davidoff White Superslims

Davidoff White Superslims give off a sense of elegance to the smoker of these marvelous cigarettes. This popular brand is a luxury smoke that's loaded with flavor. These slim cigarettes are sold in a long elegant box that houses 20 magnificent looking cigarettes. At 100 mm in length and 6mm long,... Read More

Davidoff Magnum Gold

Davidoff Magnum Gold cigarettes are an elegant way to highlight your good taste in quality cigarettes. A luxury smoking experience is yours when you light up one of these smooth tasting smokes. You get a light cigarette with only 0.7mg of nicotine encased in a high-quality casing with a superior ... Read More