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Camel Filters

Camel Filters are the perfect cigarette for a true smoking fan. They provide a strong yet natural tobacco taste and flavor that is unmatched by all of the other types of full flavor cigarettes. Camel Filters don't have the overly sweet taste that many cigarettes have; instead, they have an earthy... Read More

Camel Blue

Camel Blue cigarettes are the company's light cigarette variety. The cigarettes have all the flavor of the stronger cigarettes, but have a taste that's not as harsh. The full flavor Camels sometimes feel rough on the throat, but that is never a problem with the Camel Blue cigarettes. Camel revamp... Read More

Camel Silver

Camel Silver cigarettes are smooth, flavorful and satisfying. Their tobacco blend is fresh and mild, making the Camel Silvers the natural successors of the former Light cigarette. With much fewer additives compared to other cigarette brands, Camel Silver cigarettes lead the way in the commercial ... Read More

Camel Milds Orange

Camel Milds Orange cigarettes provide a satisfying experience for the sophisticated smoker. These cigarettes are always fulfilling, never disappointing and exceed your expectations every time you light one up. There is no better feeling than relaxing with a Camel Milds Orange cigarette and lettin... Read More

Camel Non-Filtered

Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes are the perfect smoking choice for experienced smokers. Their style, consistent quality and tobacco blend make them one of Camel's flagship products, and with their ever-growing high popularity, Camel Non-Filtered cigarettes constitute a globally acclaimed smoke. Eve... Read More

Camel Natural Flavor 8

Camel Natural Flavor 8 cigarettes top the charts in terms of quality, flavor and style. Individuals looking for a quality cigarette at an excellent price should consider buying this brand today. Camel Natural Flavor 8 cigarettes are known to be smoked by the hottest and trendiest people out there... Read More

Camel Filters Soft Pack

The Camel Filters Soft Pack cigarettes have been popular for nearly a century. To many, Camel Filters Soft Pack cigarettes are the quintessential cigarette. They are a cultural icon in the United States in particular, an image encouraged by Hollywood. Camel Filters Soft Pack cigarettes are one of... Read More